Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair Rugby is a game designed specifically for quadriplegics.

To play at a national and international level all four of a player’s limbs must be affected.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to play in the Waikato (disabled and able-bodied alike).

We have club chairs for people to use on a casual basis.

The game is a cross between basketball, American football and ice hockey.

It is growing in popularity the world over and offers great opportunities for athletes interested in high performance.

Get Involved

Anyone is welcome to come along. If you would like to speak to someone before attending the training to get more information please contact David Klinkhamer on 07 858 5388 or [email protected]


To see the pathway from beginner to elite click here

Training Times

DAY/DATE: Monday Evenings
VENUE: Fairfield College Gym
TIME: 6-8pm

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