David Klinkhamer

David Klinkhamer

At Parafed Waikato I work to provide sporting opportunities for people with physical disabilities.

I have a degree in Sport and Exercise Science and part of the Waikato Wheelchair Rugby team.

The opportunities that I have had from being involved in sport have been much greater than I have ever imagined.

I’ve been able to travel the world playing Wheelchair Rugby.

I’ve met so many awesome people and have had lots and lots of fun.

I want to encourage every person with a disability to be involved in sport or physical activity.

If you are thinking about getting involved in a sport or want to talk about what opportunities are available for you, please give me a call. I’d love to hear from you.

Cathy Wooller

Cathy Wooller

I started working for Parafed Waikato in April 2018 in the role of project manager.

Six months later my position changed to the sports development officer.

I am looking forward to strengthening our current sports as well as developing further sporting opportunities for our athletes and focusing on our youth.

I am married to Glyn and we have two adult daughters.

Both Glyn and myself are very passionate about sports and he also works in the sporting sector.