Funding Application

The following information is required by the Funding Subcommittee when requesting team funding for a project or event. The majority of applications require this information so it will directly be used when submitting an application.

Please ensure that this information is forwarded to the Funding Subcommittee with plenty of time before the event/project. Trusts are very clear in their guidelines and state that applications must be future focused and retrospective applications will not be funded e.g. the application must be approved and paid prior to the event/project taking place.

Please note there is no guarantee that completion of an application form will automatically result in funds being granted.

Step 1 of 4

  • Please attach as much data as you can e.g. Tournament entry forms. The more supporting documentation about the legitimacy of the event, the better the application will seem.

    If you need more space, please attach another page.
  • Example: To purchase transportable ramps for Lawn Bowls greens making them accessible.

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