Waikato Paraplegic and Physically Disabled Association Inc (Parafed Waikato) is a non profit organsiation managed by an elected board of volunteers. Our goal is to provide or facilitate recreation or leisure opportunities for our members.
Parafed Waikato recognises the “No Exceptions” policy and is an advocate and facilitator for members with disabilities to have access to sporting and recreational activities. Parafed Waikato is committed to providing assistance and resources, including funding assistance for equipment.

Benefits of Membership
– Free or low cost access to all locally hosted events/programmes (excluding some competition entry fees)
– Regular updates on upcoming events both sporting and social
– Full financial members are eligible to apply for funding for equipment/competition etc (see funding page for full guidelines)
– Access to equipment so you can try before you buy
– Assistance to develop in your chosen sport(s)
– Getting to meet new people through Sport and Recreation