Adaptive Rowing

Rowing for athletes with a disability is known as adaptive rowing.

‘Adaptive’ implies that the equipment is ‘adapted’ to the user to practice the sport, rather than the sport being “adapted” to the user.

Adaptive rowing is open to male and female athletes and is divided into four boat classes which are included in the International Rowing Federation’s World Championship programme.

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Parafed Waikato have rowing trainings at the Hamilton Rowing Club and Cambridge Rowing Club.

There are 3 classifications for rowing:

LTA (legs, trunk and arms): Rowers with a disability but who have the use of their legs, trunk and arms and who can utilise the sliding seat.

TA (trunk and arms): For rowers who have trunk movements but who are unable to use the sliding seat because of significantly weakened function of the lower limbs.

AS (arms and shoulders): The AS class is for rowers who have no or minimal trunk function (i.e. shoulder function only). The AS class rower is able to apply force through the arms and shoulders only.

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